I truly believe in having good coaches. I have had many of them over the years, and there was one thing in common with them all. 

They helped me set goals every year, but I quickly lost motivation when I realised the lack of clarity. That is until I found a coaching legend who helped me see why my past resolutions never seemed to pan out.

It's hard to get around in the white-out of life when you can't see what is ahead, and it's doubly difficult if your employees are going blind too.

Many businesses set great and ambitious goals but find themselves walking blindly through the foggy path in trying to achieve them. It takes them 5x as long, or never even reach anywhere near.

When you are a business owner, do not expect your employees to see it any clearer than what is expected of them by you as an employer.

What if the fog was so thick that you could barely see ten metres in front of you?

That's what may be happening to your business. It's easy for a company owner to forget about those working diligently all around them and not plan out how they will get there with them as part of an entire team.

Your employees may be waiting for someone - ANYONE - to clarify where they need to go next or even point them in some general direction.

Have you got a consistent process to ensure the path is clearly visible to your employees?

How clear or foggy are your business goals?

About The Author

Vijay Nyayapati is a Professional EOS Implementer and helps business owners get a grip on their business, and therefore get a better life.